Fire protection and preventive maintenance for high system availability

Elektrothermografie: Mit regelmäßigen thermografischen Untersuchungen von Industrieanlagen lassen sich Schwachstellen frühzeitig erkennen und Ausfälle vermeiden.

Electrothermography has long been established in the industry as predictive maintenance. Regular thermographic investigations help to increase the availability of production equipment and minimize the potential fire hazard. Our certified employees (according to DIN EN ISO 9712 Level 2 – Electro, VdS expert for electro thermography) are mainly on the road in Bavaria and Southern Germany. We also perform international thermographic measurements on industrial plants, for example on electrical BoS components of PV systems.

Following the survey, we will provide you with a thermography report listing the found faults and abnormalities on site, and recommendations for corrective actions. For better localization we mark them on pictures in the report. This allows to exchange worn or defective parts quick and cost efficient.

All thermographic measurements can be carried out during operation. This allows you to have your systems checked much faster, more thoroughly and more cost-efficient than with other measuring methods.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Avoiding future failures through preventive analysis (fire protection)
  • Increase of plant efficiency by detecting vulnerabilities
  • Reduction of the risk of consequential- and fire damages
  • Exact localization of the smallaest thermal abnormalities
  • No impairment of production processes during the survey
  • Fast, efficient and cost effective proccess

VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH (a company of the Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft e.V.) describes the testing of electrical systems in VdS 2858 in more detail. Accordingly, electrical systems must be checked by the operator regularly (recurring tests), eg. according to

  • technical test regulations of the respective federal state
  • accident prevention regulations
  • DIN VDE 0105  ⇒ Determination of the “proper condition of the electrical system”.
  • fire insurance clause (clause 3602) .

Electrothermography does not replace the mentioned tests and is not a substitute for the necessary visual inspections, functional tests, current measurements, etc. However, it is a complementary and extremely helpful method of measurement and allows examinations and assessments that were previously difficult or costly.

HaWe Engineering is now also working for you as a VdS expert in electrothermography.

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