Inspection of photovoltaic systems by means of thermal camera

Our certified employees (according to DIN EN ISO 9712, level 1 and 2) carry out detailed thermographic measurements on your photovoltaic system – from individual PV modules to large solar parks. It does not matter where your PV systems are located. Based in Bavaria, we are on the road especially in Germany and Europe. We are also happy to work for you worldwide.

Thanks to high-quality measuring devices (e.g. multicopter with thermal imaging camera) and high measurement standards, we find even the smallest defects and faults in a PV system. In addition, our employees bring with them more than 3,000 megawatts of proven plant performance.

Our experience and scientific studies show that the costs for the thermographic measurement of a PV system in the megawatt range are usually already lower than the lost revenue due to undetected errors.

Excerpt from our service catalog

  • Determination of yield- and safety relevant defects
  • Discovery of module failures by potential-induced degradation (PID) up to soldering defects on cell connectors
  • Detection of mistakes in installation and wiring (e.g. modules, combiner boxes and inverters)
  • Visualization of faults in the substructure
  • Electrothermography of inverters and other electric BoS-components

Here you find our references in the area of photovoltaic thermography.



We are working on the further development of measurement technology and procedure in photovoltaic thermography in order to further establish their use by cost reductions.

Although thermography is still considered a young measurement method in photovoltaics, it is already the most significant in the field of complete analysis and verification of real systems at the module level. For a sustainable analysis, it takes more than a few colorful pictures, but a lot of experience and knowledge.

Our DIN EN ISO 9712 (formerly DIN EN 473) certified thermographers offer you thermographic analyzes from a single 20 W module to the 100 MW park, training courses and scientific work on the topic on an international stage.

As part of our research, several articles on PV thermography have already been published in various industry magazines. Here you will also find some poster contributions that were presented at the OTTI PV Symposium in Bad Staffelstein.

Participation in national and international standards committees, certification bodies and associations provides the results of our scientific work to a broad audience.

Here are some important documents already published:

  • VATh guideline electic – low voltage + PV
  • DIN VDE V 0126-23-3:2016-03; VDE V 0126-23-3:2016-03
  • IEC TS 62446-3:2017

For visual and infrared images from the air, more are more application areas are growing, since the createtion by the use of multicopters (drones) continues to get cheaper. However, pure infrared images, such as those used by the police and fire departments, should not be mixed up with thermographic images, such as those used in the assessment of PV generators. For some time now, cost-efficient photovoltaic thermographic measurements with drones as camera carriers have become possible.

Since 2013, we have also been using this variant of PV thermography. We have developed the mechanical and electronic interfaces between the camera and the drone in-house to meet the specific requirements of PV thermography.

In this field of work, we can look back on many years of dealing with airborne photovoltaic thermography, in which we were able to test a wide variety of systems, including manned aircrafts. We had already published the first results in 2011 at the 26th PV Symposium in Kloster Banz. We also have network partners who provide the necessary technology and know-how.

The aim of the long research and development activities was to ensure compliance with quality standards, also in airborne PV thermography, while at the same time achieving cost savings for customers.

As part of the DKE / INS pre-standard project initiated by us: “Development of a Standard or Application Rule for Thermographic Measurement of Photovoltaic Systems”, generally applicable quality guidelines are to be developed, which must be taken into account in airborne PV thermography. The results of this project can be found in documents already published.

  • DIN VDE V 0126-23-3:2016-03; VDE V 0126-23-3:2016-03
  • IEC TS 62446-3:2017

Our know-how is well received in the PV and thermography industry. In more than 30 training sessions and lectures at workshops and conferences we were able to explain the potential of the procedure to interested parties from all over the world.

Our full-day PV thermography trainings alone were attended by over 300 PV experts, scientists and PV system installers from seven European countries. As a speaker, we were invited by:

  • DGS – Berlin/Brandenburg
  • Hochschule München
  • GE Research Garching
  • TÜV Rheinland AG
  • DGS-Franken e.V.
  • OTTI e.V.
  • VATh e.V.
  • DGZfP e.V.
  • InfraTec GmbH
  • Gehrlicher AG
  • Schletter GmbH
  • Bayern Internat.
  • IBC Solar AG
  • Tritec AG
  • Phoenix Solar
  • PV Austria

We are happy to carry out in-house training on PV thermography in your company. Contact us now!