Engineering office for thermographic tests in the fields of energy supply and energy efficiency

HaWe Engineering was founded in August 2014 in Gauting near Munich and is a spin-off of the expert department of the former Solarschmiede GmbH in Munich.

We are a modern and innovative engineering company, with high demands on our own work results. We react quickly, soundly and individually to the wishes and concerns of our customers.

Thermography as the basis of the business idea

Through the use of thermography, for example energy flows, defects and hidden structures are made visible by means of thermal images. Despite its first applications more than 40 years ago, this measurement technology is still developing rapidly, opening up new business fields and areas of application.

The advantage of thermography lies in making a variety of otherwise invisible physical effects, such as heat and current flows or mechanical friction, optically visible. In the area of quality control, thermography or infrared imaging is an important analytical instrument.

Benefit for our customers

Depending on the area of application, our customers profit in many different ways:

  1. Increase of system efficiency by detecting vulnerabilities
    for example
    Photovoltaic systems ⇒ Recognition of suboptimal system designs and execution
  2. Avoidance of future system failures
    for example
    Electrothermography ⇒ Maintenance and repair of switchboards and distributions
  3. Reduction of the risk for technical equipment due to consequential damage
    for example
    Photovoltaic systems ⇒ Troubleshooting and verification of reduced yield
    Electrothermography ⇒ Locating strongly overheated contact points (fire protection)